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What is a Kwoon?

     A Kwoon translated from Chinese to English means a school. Hence, a Chinese Kwoon is equivalent to a Karate DoJo and that is where the similarity ends. A Chinese Kwoon is rooted in the family. A Japanese Dojo is founded upon strict military discipline.

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What is KungFu?

     KungFu is the oldest form of eastern martial arts. It is the grandfather of all Asian martial arts. Karate, Tae Kwon Dao, and Juijitsu trace their linage back to Chinese KungFu. The Wing Chun system of KungFu is an extremely effect combat martial art. 

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Want to know more about our classes?

Children Classes

Little Pandas and Dragons Programs

     Childhood is possibly the best time for building the block of our lives. Lack of confidence, self-respect, proper motivation and focus in this crucial period can shatter your dream of having a better-behaved child. 

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Close Door Students

Private Instructions

     Private lessons are offered at the Wing Chun Kung Fu Kwoon for those students who wish to experience the power of one-on-one instruction. 

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Adult Classes

KungFu is not just for Kids

     As an adult, you can enjoy the physical and personal benefits in the ancient art of KungFu. Wing Chun training can help you in many areas in your life.

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