Chinese martial arts systems are design with a family structure. Hence, the father is the instructor and your fellow students are brothers and sisters. As such, the designation for the teacher is design the same. Hence, SiFu is the Cantonese translation of father/teacher. All students have to use the designation of SiFu when addressing your teacher. If a student uses any other designation other than SiFu, this is would be considered a serious sign of disrespect. A prompt expulsion of that student from the Kwoon will occur.


         Every student has to bow at the beginning and end of each class. If an altar is present in the Kwoon, the student expected to bow to the altar before class begins. This tradition is to show respect to the teachers and ancestors of the Wing Chun system. In Chinese martial arts, there is a hand position that has to be performed. One hand needs to be in a fist as the other hand is open. Both hands are touching each other at chest level with feet together. The bow is performed by bending at the hips.


         Every Student in the Kwoon must wear the proper uniform. The uniform consist of pants, shirt, sash, and jacket with an Wing Chun Kwoons' logo. The student must purchase with uniform either from their the local Kwoon or the Wing Chun KungFu Kwoons website. The KungFu jacket is optional during warm weather months.

Female Uniform Option

            All Female students must purchase a pair of pants from the Academy with logo. However, female students are allowed to purchase their own traditional oriental blouse. Even so, the blouse must be a shirt style. This means no mini dress tops. The blouse must conform to the Academy school colors which is black and red. The design of the blouse can be a straight or crossover frog button design with short sleeves. The only exception is for Tai Chi students that are allowed to have long sleeves. Student must use common sense when purchasing this item. The blouse will be used for training and not for evening wear, choose wisely. It is highly recommend give a picture of the item to the instructor before purchasing. In the end, the academy instructor has the last word for approving the traditional oriental blouse for class wear.

Special Events or Demonstrations

            Public schools may do special events or demos. For tournaments and demonstrations, a special uniform may be required for these occasions. These uniforms are significantly fancier than the normal attire at classes. For these circumstances, the school will ask the student to purchase this type of uniform. 


         All students must attend the proper number of classes. Any student could lose skill and levels, if he or she misses too many classes. If a student is going to be absent more than two weeks. Student needs to notify an instructor in advance. The expectation of the student is to practice everyday outside of regular class. The intent of class is to educate the student on new material. Class is not intended to retrain students on old material.

Class Eligibility Levels

         In an effort to maintain quality instruction, pillars may be split into different classes. The practitioner may only attend the class indicated by the following table. The only exception is through a personal invitation by SiFu.

Síu Nihm Tàuh / Chàm KìuhEntry Class 

Bïu Jí / Muk Yan JongNovice Class

Chì Sáu / Kàhn NàhIntermediate Class

Luhk Dím Bun Gwan / Baat Jáam Döu Advance Class

Sparring — Full Contact

         The student must be in Bil Jee pillar or higher to be allowed to spar and must have full face headgear, mouth guard, 14 or 16 oz boxing gloves with hook and loop closure, sleeve that covers Velcro strap, and a chest protector to be allowed to spar. Male students must wear a protective groin cup. Female students must wear a protective groin pad and breast protection. If a student wants to perform any kicks. The student must have proper foot and shin protection. Students in the beginning will only spar with a certified instructor. At the instructor 's approval, the student will be allow to spar fellow students. A certified instructor will oversee all sparring activities. Students must follow all appropriate protocols in any giving sparring session. Sparring sessions will have several rounds with a 3 minute limit to each round and a 1 minute rest period. The instructor will stop any round for the following reasons: additional instructions, poor technique, extreme aggression, and student injuries. Overall, Intent of sparring is to be a learning experience, not a reason to harm another student. If a student has any intent to injure another student during a sparring session, he or she risks expulsion from the Kwoon.


         Students need SiFu's permission to proceed to test for any pillar. Hence, when the student is ready for the next Pillar test than SiFu will notify each student personally. Even so, any student may request permission to test from SiFu. The Kwoon usually has tests perform on a quarterly basis. Each test will have a physical and an academic portion. The physical test will have a set of protocols that will be explain by SiFu or any of the senior students. The academic portion of the test may be written or an oral. All Pillar testing is performed in sequential order. Additionally, All student must test on all previous Pillars. For example, if a student is to take Chì Sáu test than he must also take Síu Nihm Tàuh, Chàm Kìuh and Muk Yan Jong tests.


         A student will begin a test with a hundred points. Each mistake will be a three-point deduction. A repeat of the same mistake will receive an extra point deduction. The student must obtain an eighty or above to pass. If a practitioner passes any Pillar test, SiFu will issue a certificate with his personal chop or seal. Every certificate has an expiration date associated with it. Any student that allows their certifications to expire must retake their examinations.