KungFu originates from the martial arts developed by Buddhist monks in the Shaolin monastery over the course of the past 1500 years. However, other martial arts practices existed in China dating as far back as 3000 years ago!

     The spreading of Shaolin KungFu from the burning of the monastery has contributed too many of the eastern styles practice today. A shaolin monk traveled to the Okinawa and was developed into the indigenous martial arts of Ryukyu Islands which became to be known as Karate.  The original characters for Karate were referred to as China Hand and later altered to mean Empty Hand. This spreading of knowledge from the Shaolin monks as formed the basis for the majority of the eastern martial arts taught today.

     The Wing Chun system of KungFu did originate in the Shaolin before the burning of the temple during the Ch’ing dynasty. Actually, the Wing Chung system was the cause of the burning. The Ch’ing emperor was worried about a revolt stirring inside the temple that could threaten his power. The monks were creating a revolutionary style which was later referred to as Wing Chun. The system was to be created by five monks. The five monks practiced five different styles which would be consolidated into a primary combat system of the temple. Consequently, the emperor found out about this system being practice and sent his armies to destroy the temple. Unfortuantly, the monks were out numbered and the system was not fully implemented at that point. The emperor had to stop the system before its implementation because it would be a sever threat to his dynasty. Hence, The Wing Chun system of KungFu is consider one of the best combat systems that was ever created in the Shaolin temple.

     Nonetheless, the sole purpose of this Kwoon is not to teach students just to fight. It is to guide students to a new way of life through the development of the physical, energetic, and spiritual bodies. In Chinese, these three core bodies of personal development are Chi, Jing, and Shen. Through the path of self-development along with self-defense, each student will obtain the full benefits of the Martial Art called Wing Chun KungFu.