Hence, when the student is ready for the next Pillar test than SiFu will notify each student personally. Even so, any student may request permission to test from SiFu. Normally, the Kwoon performs testing on a quarterly basis. Each test will have a physical and an academic portion. The physical test will have a number of protocols that will be explain by SiFu or any of the senior students. The academic portion of the test may be written or an oral. All Pillar testing is performed in sequential order. Additionally, All student must test on all previous Pillars before progressing to the next level. For example, if a student is to take Chì Sáu pillar test than he must also take Síu Nihm Tàuh, Chàm Kìuh and Muhk Yan Jong tests. The student must achieve an eighty or above to pass a pillar test. The points will be deducted from the following criteria.

  • Three-point deduction for lack of knowledge such as a sequence of movements and academics
  • Two-point deduction for a lack of skill in applying technique or theory
  • One-point deduction for each mistake repeated