by Yip Man
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     So, the family moved far away, and finally settled down at the foot of Tai Leung Mountain at the Yunnan-Szechuan border. All this happened during the reign of Emperor K’anghsi (1662-1722). At the Time, kung fu was becoming very strong in Sil Lum Monastery (Shaolin Monastery) of Mt. Sung, Honan. This aroused the fear of the Manchu Government, which sent troops to attack the Monastery. They were unsuccessful.

     A man called Chan Man Wai was the First Placed Graduate of the Civil Service Examination that year. He was seeking favor with the government, and suggested a plan. He plotted with Sil Lam monk Ma Ning Eye and others. They set fire to the Monastery while soldiers attacked it from the outside. Sil Lum was burnt down, and the monks scattered. Buddhist Abbess Ng Mui, Abbot Chi Shin, Abbot Pak Mei, Master Fung To Tak, and Master Miu Hin escaped and fled their separate ways. Ng Mui took refuge in White Crane Temple on Mt. Tai Leung; thus known as Mt. Chai Har. There she came to know Yim Yee and his daughter Yim Wing Chun.