Question 8: Do we actually fight during the training process?

Last Updated: 18 December, 2017

      The student must be in Bïu Jí pillar or higher to be allowed to spar and must have full face headgear, mouth guard, 14 or 16 oz boxing gloves with hook and loop closure, sleeve that covers Velcro strap, and a chest protector to be allowed to spar. Male students must wear a protective groin cup. Female students must wear a protective groin pad and breast protection. If a student wants to perform any kicks. The student must have proper foot and shin protection. Students in the beginning will only spar with a certified instructor. At the instructor 's approval, the student will be allow to spar fellow students. A certified instructor will oversee all sparring activities. Students must follow all appropriate protocols in any giving sparring session. Sparring sessions will have several rounds with a 3 minute limit to each round and a 1 minute rest period. The instructor will stop any round for the following reasons: additional instructions, poor technique, extreme aggression, and student injuries. Overall, Intent of sparring is to be a learning experience, not a reason to harm another student. If a student has any intent to injure another student during a sparring session, he or she risks expulsion from the Kwoon.

     Before sparring, there is a need of personal protection gear. This would include headgear, hand wraps, gloves, shin pads, and foot gear. When the time comes, the school will notified the students what to purchase.