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Put to memory the following preparations and then carefully check them in your training sessions until they become instinctive.

  1. Preferably, the room is away from noise, distractions, and those who would interrupt you. Avoid sitting in a draft but keep the room ventilated with fresh air. Do not use the air conditioner, and avoid sitting on plastics of any kind.
  2. The geographical location most desired is near the ocean shores or high in the mountains. However, for most these conditions are not possible. If convenient do the exercises outside with the souls of the feet in contact with the ground. This will allow the body to discharge negative energy into the negatively charged Earth. Remember that relaxation and concentration along with fresh air is of primary concern.
  3. Clothing options can varied. Cotton is the best material for clothing while exercising.
  4. Do not wear jewelry or glasses. The shoulders and knees are the most susceptible to cold, so they may be covered with a towel if necessary when doing meditation. For external  movements jewelry and classes tend to get in the way of the movements themselves
  5. The time for performing the exercises is separated into two divisions. Heaven and Earth circulate its breath just as man does by inhalation and exhalation. The Universal breath is divided into the “Yang Breath” and the “Yin Breath”. Some people agree that the day represents the yang breath and the night the yin breath. The yang breath has two important times; just before sunrise when the air warms up and before sunset when it cools down. These two important times are recommended but the following hours of the Yang breath are more commonly followed.

The Chinese clock is divided into twelve double hours totaling the twenty-four hour day. The division most commonly followed believes the six double hours from midnight to noon correspond to the Yang breath and the six double hours from noon to midnight are the Yin breath. Exercises during the hours of the Yin breath of Heaven and Earth are worth nothing. Hence, you will notice the restriction of exercising between 1-3pm.